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Mar 5, 2014 11:00pm PST
kerry met with his counterpart in paris, along with ukrainian diplomats. one stucking point is russia's refusal to recognize the new ukrainian leadership. kerry said the discussions will continue in the days ahead. >> all parties agreed today that it is important to try to resolve these issues through dialogue. >> at one point today, a special united nations envoy was confronted by a group of 10 to 15 armed men. they forced him into a cafe until he agreed to leave crimea. after some time, he did just that. the u.n. also denied earlier reports that its envoy had been kidnapped. >>> governor jerry brown med with the israeli prime minister today. the pact is intended to lead to sharing of research and information on renewable energy, energy storage, cyber security, and water conservation. mr.netanyahu pointed out that israel has no water problem, and he said the partnership between california and israel is limited only by imagination. >> the innovation state, california and israel are the most powerful hubs of information on the planet. let's connect them together. >> the governor
Mar 3, 2014 11:00pm PST
learn more. >>> secretary of state john kerry boarded an air force jet and headed to ukraine. he is expected to meet with the new leadership of kiev testimony. trying to rally international allies to bring pressure on russia to stand back from an intense standoff. ukraine's envoy to the u.n. says russia has flooded crimea with 16,000 troops in the past week. russia says it's protecting the russian people in ukraine, and its own military bases there. the president obama said russia must respect ukraine sovereignty, and said russia is on the wrong side of history. >> over time, this will be costly proposition for russia. and now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy, as opposed to force. >> the president said he is considering a number of diplomatic steps to isolate russia. on wall street, the dow fell in response to the tension in ukraine. >>> the trial of south african paralympic athlete oscar pistorius began. he shot and killed his girlfriend last year at his home. he said it was an accident, and he thought she wa
Feb 28, 2014 11:00pm PST
. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry raised the issue with his russian counter spot earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossings a line in any way. >> reporter: mean while in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a press conference in russian and blames the west for the unrest in ukraine. >> i think that russia has to and must act. knowing the character of mr. putin i'm surprised to the fact that he's so reserved at keeping silent. >> reporter: at the closed door meeting the russian ambassador said any russian movement that crimea are keeping with arrangements with ukraine. >>> a cheese recall because of fears of listeria has been expand. ment some products were linked to a death in california and illnesses in new port. now the recall is expanded to include cremapura mexicana sour cream. the products were distributed in several states. >>> and this next story is one made of nightmares. a man was declared dead. williams was then placed in a body bag and sent to a funeral home. i
Mar 4, 2014 11:00pm PST
belief that russia's action is violating international law. >> secretary of state john kerry was in kiev today. he laid flowers at a memorial for those killed in last month's protest. he announced the u.s. would provide a $1 billion aid package for ukraine. >>> wall street staged a rally. the dow gained 227 points. nasdaq jumped 74. >>> tonight, the benicia city council was discussing a plan to spend nearly $1 billion to buy water from an outside source. republic roth talked to some residents in benicia. >> reporter: to save water, colleen castillo mixes super hot water from the kitchen with cold water from the bathroom to wash her face. that way, she doesn't have to waste water to warm up. >> we have a big family. we don't want to waste all the water. we do limit their water. >> reporter: even so, her water bill could go up because of the drought. they called a special immediating to discuss spending almost $1 million more for water. the state is shutting off deliveries, leaving them to buy water from a more expensive source. >> this recommendation is being made so the city would b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4